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A few years ago I watched a documentary called Transcendent Man that introduced me to technologist Ray Kurzweil and his futurist theories. I was super fascinated by the ideas presented in the movie. I started reading all about emerging technologies and ideas for what might be in the future of transportation, medicine, communication, food, anything really. My mind started churning out an idea that explores some of these things in a realistic, science-fiction what-if… The Seneca Society. This is a series that enters a techno-advanced, all too-perfect secret society where so much more is going on beneath the surface. I love writing female protagonists– especially so in this case with Doro Campbell because I have two young daughters whom I want to inspire to seek knowledge and believe they can do anything their hearts desire. The extra-exciting part of this for me is the transmedia experience where readers can become engaged and devour the world of Seneca beyond the pages of the book. I hope people will enjoy the journey as much as I have. #STEM.